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Rumors of Panther Spell Drop Gathering[edit source]

I have yet to hear just how you set these cats to perform this task. Do they do it automatically? What precisely is a spell drop, the places it looks like it's sleeting? Also, since AI is clever enough to arrange ambushes but can't figure out how to use the spells in defense, wouldn't placing a Panther unit in all defenses be a good counter to spell users? Can they collect freeze spells off of your Titan, unfreezing him? If Pikes and Grenadiers can kill Titans who are frozen, why can't high level spears, archers, militia or Panthers? How high do Panthers have to be leveled to have that extra poison they talk about high level Panthers having? Finally, if they are so good for flank attack and speed, would sending them on an arc around the front units into the side of artillery like Grenadiers and Archers be their best use,? Or sending them into the sides of Goliath units and Frozen Titans be successful with level 11 or 12 Panthers? 3DSpaceman (talk) 23:16, 17 June 2017 (UTC)